GLOBAL AQUACULTURE ALLIANCE (GAA) is seeking an Asia Development Coordinator to fulfill the need for effective inter-cultural expansions, campaigns and projects and better service to its clients from China and other Asian countries.

The Asia Development Coordinator reports to, and works under the supervision of the Vice-President. The Asia Development Coordinator receives input and direction from the BAP Program Managers, the Communication Manager and the Relationship Manager for projects focusing on GAA’s Asian development and feeds information back to the above parties to advance their area of work. The Asia Development Coordinator’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • (10%, 4 hours/week) Participate in establishing strategic long term and short term goals and a timeline for executing such goals for GAA and RAF in China and other Asia countries at the beginning of a year; adhere to the goals and timeline set by the VP of Education and Outreach; evaluate company performance as compared to stated goals; work with the VP of Education and Outreach and the various managers to help develop new strategic project proposals supporting the goals
  • (25 %, 10 hours/week) Identify and maintain key governmental, industry, and marketplace stakeholders who are influential and strategic to accomplish company goals in China and other Asia countries and make adjustments to the list of stakeholders when it is appropriate and necessary (CAPPMA, APCC, NEC, CSIQ, and CCFA)
    • Under the supervision of the VP of Education and Outreach, coordinate contact with key stakeholders’ decision-makers and set up meetings to present the GAA/BAP programs and RAF/GAA online education platform with the purpose of identifying win-win cooperation opportunities to accomplish GAA’s goal as well as providing value to stakeholders.
    • Assist in developing support amongst key stakeholders for GAA/RAF’s vision and GAA/RAF-sponsored programs through long-term relationship management.
  • (10%, 4 hours/week) Coordinate key GAA and RAF activities intended to increase the visibility and influence of the organization in China and other Asian countries
    • With the assistance of the VP of Education and Outreach, as well as the various managers, develop and implement Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with partners.
    • Attend conferences, forums, seminars and other events organized by stakeholder or GAA. Speaking, attending, sponsoring, organizing sub-meetings and networking at such events.
    • Attend third-party trade shows, conferences and other events as opportunities to have meetings.
    • Coordinate communication through various channels with partners and potential partners in China and other Asian countries.
  • (15 %, 6 hours/week) Working in conjunction with the leadership team and at their direction, maintain strategic marketing alliance with BAP-certified suppliers, especially exemplary producers who are BAP 4-star or 3-star certified groups and leading producers who are influential but are yet certified, eg. Zhanjiang Guolian group, Allied Pacific group, Evergreen group, Zoneco group, Grobest China group, Baiyang group, Minh Phu Group, UTXI Group, NTSF Seafoods.
    • Organize trips/tours to visit and inspect BAP-certified facilities
    • Organize meetings at key international seafood trade shows and conferences
    • Direct customer service, marketing and communication support
    • Research possible candidates for pilot aquaculture improvement/BAP/iBAP programs
  • (10%, 4 hours/week) Maintain relationships with key Chinese and other Asian retailers and e-commerce retailers and develop “Supplying Responsible Aquaculture Products” projects involve marketplace players and producers through the support of BAP certification and aquaculture practices improvement and innovation; strengthen Western retailers’ demand for BAP
  • (10 %, 4 hours/week) Coordinate GAA’s presence at key seafood trade shows in China and other Asia countries; monitor and maintain GAA’s involvement in those shows based on assessment of the result and effect of participating in the show; arrange for demonstration of GAA/RAF-sponsored online material
  • (10%, 4 hours/week) Coordinate or conduct Chinese/English translation projects
  • (5%, 2 hours/week) Support communication projects to Chinese audience
  • (5 %, 2 hours/week) Synthesize information, data, trends about the China/Asia market place and aquaculture production and convert into action points


  • A knowledge of the China seafood industry and market and stakeholders
  • Must have high proficiency in Chinese and English speaking, writing, listening and reading; must competent in conducting presentations in both languages
    • Must be fluent in written and spoken Mandarin with a profound understanding of Asian/Chinese culture
    • Must be fluent in written and spoken English with a TOEFL score in the top 10% (108 or higher)
  • Must be willing to travel 20-25%, international travel required
  • Must be capable of maintaining a professional presence in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam etc. business and government circles
  • Must possess a Master’s degree in relevant fields, e.g. MBA, MA in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations or International Business
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications with a strong knowledge of web and email applications with the ability to learn and operate new software programs
  • Exceptional organizational, interpersonal and communication skills are required
  • Must be a team player and capable of maintaining professional work relationships with teammates
  • Must demonstrate ability to organize workload and multitask
  • Must be comfortable in making decisions independently and demonstrating strong leadership skills
  • Must be capable of handling sensitive and confidential information
  • Must be comfortable among international leaders in a business environment and social environment.

To apply, email resume, cover letter and references to