An engineer’s design for a classroom aquaculture-aquaponics system

J.L. Giovanna Hesley, M.Ed. James M. Ebeling, Ph.D.

Interest and investment in the technology is growing Aquaculture system showing three production tanks, pump sump, Bubble washed-bead filter, automatic feeders and monitoring system.   Aquaponics – the integration of aquaculture and hydroponics – continues to gain attention because it offers the opportunity for localized, sustainable, small-scale production of both fish and vegetables. Aquaponics utilizes…

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  • J.L. Giovanna Hesley, M.Ed.

    J.L. Giovanna Hesley, M.Ed.

    Giovanna Aquaponics Consulting
    Phoenix, AZ USA


  • James M. Ebeling, Ph.D.

    James M. Ebeling, Ph.D.

    Retired Research Engineer
    Tucson, AZ USA