An inside look at Sino Agro Foods’ giant prawn MegaFarm

Anthony C. Ostrowski, Ph.D.

APRAS model in Zhongshan, China, a ‘paradigm shift’ in 21st century aquaculture Left: First set of tanks being filled at the MegaFarm for test trials. Right: Ongoing operations at Prawn Farm 1. production capacity of 1,000 metric tons per year. All photos courtesy of Sino Agro Foods.   Sino-Agro Foods, Inc. (SIAF) is a U.S.-incorporated, vertically…

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  • Anthony C. Ostrowski, Ph.D.

    Anthony C. Ostrowski, Ph.D.

    Chief Scientific Officer
    Sino-Agro Foods, Inc.

    Dr. Ostrowski joined SIAF in August 2015 and is in charge of research and development and product certification for the company. He was past director and executive committee chairman of the U.S. Marine Shrimp Farming Consortium, and president and CEO of Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, from 2009 to 2012. He has been working in China since 2013, and currently resides in Zhongshan, PRC, on site of the MegaFarm. Mr. Solomon Lee is the founder, chairman, and CEO of SIAF.