Rising use of automatic feeders in shrimp ponds poses new feed requirements

Cesar Molina, Ph.D. Manuel Espinoza, M.Sc.

Physical characteristics of manufactured aquafeeds influence performance The physical characteristics of shrimp feeds largely influence the performance of automatic feeders in shrimp grow-out ponds. Although the cost of formulated aquafeeds in shrimp farming represents approximately 60 percent of the operating costs, the actual application and distribution of feed in shrimp grow-out ponds is still mostly…

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  • Cesar Molina, Ph.D.

    Cesar Molina, Ph.D.

    Research and Development Manager
    Skretting Ecuador
    Durán, Ecuador


  • Manuel Espinoza, M.Sc.

    Manuel Espinoza, M.Sc.

    Research and Development
    Skretting Ecuador
    Durán, Ecuador