Calories count. Aquaculture makes them truly add up.

Scott Nichols

Compared to terrestrial agriculture, aquaculture is a far more efficient way to produce the food that fuels us Farming salmon is more efficient way to produce both nutrition and calories than the farming of terrestrial livestock. Shutterstock image. Agriculture is the most crucial of human endeavors. Whittled down to its irreducible essence, agriculture has two…

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  • Scott Nichols

    Scott Nichols

    Scott Nichols is the founder of Food’s Future, LLC where he advises businesses to help them create economically and environmentally sustainable aquaculture ventures that provide seafood to an expanding world. He is a speaker on the role of aquaculture in our future food supply, a member of the board of directors at the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and a scientific advisor to Seafood Nutrition Partnership.