Feed tray management lowers FCRs, shrimp production costs in Australia

Bambang M. Julianto Darrel Herbst

Black tiger trials with fewer daily feedings show improved conversion results In lined, aerated ponds, Penaeus monodon fed four times daily had lower FCRs after one month of a culture cycle. In recent years, shrimp aquaculture costs have increased in every sector. Farmers need to find ways to reduce costs to maintain the profitability of…

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  • Bambang M. Julianto

    Bambang M. Julianto

    Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture Pty. Ltd.
    Marks Road
    Woongoolba, Queensland 4207 Australia


  • Darrel Herbst

    Darrel Herbst

    Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture Pty. Ltd.