Greenhouse gas emissions from aquaculture

B.L. Preto M.N.P. Henares J.M. Kimpara W.C. Valenti

Aquaculture might have potential for carbon fixation The diffusion chamber on the left captures carbon dioxide and methane molecularly dissolved in water. The canvas funnel with a submerged flask on the right capture bubbles from the bottom of the pond. Agriculture is an important source of greenhouse gases (GHG). Estimates indicate that 45 percent of…

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  • B.L. Preto

    B.L. Preto

    Instituto Federal de Ensino
    Ciência e Tecnologia, IFES
    Rodovia BR-482 (Cachoeiro-Alegrel), Km 47
    Distrito de Rive – Caixa Postal 47
    29500-000 Alegre, Espírito Santo, Brazil


  • M.N.P. Henares

    M.N.P. Henares

    Centro Universitário da Fundação Educacional de Barretos
    Barretos, São Paulo, Brazil

  • J.M. Kimpara

    J.M. Kimpara

    Empresa Brasileira Agropecuária
    Embrapa Meio Norte
    Parnaíba, Piauí, Brazil

  • W.C. Valenti

    W.C. Valenti

    Universidade Estadual Paulista, Unesp
    Campus Experimental do Litoral Paulista
    São Vicente, São Paulo, Brazil