Is a fish oil-free cobia feed possible?

Artur Nishioka Rombenso, Ph.D. Jesse T. Trushenski, Ph.D.

Insights gained from lipids research at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale say yes The development of a reduced fish oil content or fish oil-free manufactured aquafeed for farmed cobia is possible.   Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) is a warmwater, carnivorous marine finfish, and the only member of the Rachycentridae family. This species is widely known for its favorable…

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  • Artur Nishioka Rombenso, Ph.D.

    Artur Nishioka Rombenso, Ph.D.

    Nutrition and Physiology Laboratory
    Institute of Oceanography
    Autonomous University of Baja California
    Km 107 Carretera
    Tijuana-Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico 22860


  • Jesse T. Trushenski, Ph.D.

    Jesse T. Trushenski, Ph.D.

    Fish Pathologist Supervisor
    Eagle Fish Health Laboratory
    Idaho Department of Fish and Game
    1800 Trout Road
    Eagle, Idaho 83616 USA