New procedure controls TSV in white shrimp

Carlos A. Ching Chalor Limsuwan, Ph.D.

TSV attacks at low salinity are more critical due to scarcity of minerals for molting Although this white shrimp recovered from a TSV attack, scars remain in affected areas of the cuticle after molting. Since Taura syndrome virus (TSV) was first recognized as a shrimp disease in 1992, it has caused serious economic losses to…

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  • Carlos A. Ching

    Carlos A. Ching

    Technical Manager
    Nicovita – Alicorp SAA
    Av. Argentina 4793
    Callao, Peru


  • Chalor Limsuwan, Ph.D.

    Chalor Limsuwan, Ph.D.

    Department of Fishery Biology
    Kasetsart University
    Bangkok, Thailand