News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

CP aquaculture expert stresses proper pond management, design

Shrimp farmers can look to the chicken-farming industry for guidance on proper pond management. At the Nicovita Symposium in Ecuador, Dr. Dean Akiyama of Charoen Pokphand encouraged shrimp producers to overcome challenges at hatchery level.


Fishmeal-free Atlantic salmon feed formulation shows promise

A recent study evaluated the effects of a fishmeal-free diet on Atlantic salmon performance and fillet quality during successful growout to market-size in a commercial-scale, land-based, closed-containment system using water recirculation technology. Test fish performed well, with 97 percent survival 

Health & Welfare

New management tools for EHP in penaeid shrimp

Authors examined the histological features from shrimp infected with the emerging microsporidian parasite Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP). A PCR assay method was used to detected in hepatopancreatic tissue, feces and water sampled from infected shrimp tanks, and in some samples of 


The importance of water analysis in aquaculture

Proper monitoring of water quality in aquaculture production systems is critical to enable appropriate and timely management decisions. It requires reliable equipment, trained technicians that follow instructions and apply quality control measures, proper reagents and calibrated equipment, and appropriately collected 

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Correcciones libres de químicos emergiendo en la saga de los piojos de mar

Los productores de salmón, utilizando tecnologías emergentes, están explorando nuevos métodos de mitigación de los piojos de mar en un esfuerzo por superar uno de los problemas más persistentes de la industria. Nuevas innovaciones libres de químicos muestran una industria 

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A holistic management approach to EMS

Early Mortality Syndrome has devastated farmed shrimp in Asia and Latin America. With better understanding of the pathogen and the development and improvement of novel strategies, shrimp farmers are now able to better manage the disease. 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Melanie Siggs, part 2

In the conclusion of a two-part interview, independent advisor Melanie Siggs talks to the Advocate about consumer perceptions of aquaculture, and many roles that NGOs fill and her hopes for the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative and its work with certification 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Melanie Siggs, part 1

Always seeking to understand the role of business and politics in stewarding the environment, Melanie Siggs has high aspirations for the global seafood industry and its future in helping to feed the world. The independent advisor talks to the Advocate 


For healthy eating, we are what we allow

Many current eating habits have negative results for our health, lending credence to “you are what you eat.” Eating habits can be changed, and increasing seafood consumption can provide numerous health benefits, including as a significant source of critical micro-nutrients,