News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Microencapsulated organic acids aid shrimp culture

A novel blend of organic acids (OAB) microencapsulated in a lipid matrix and supplemented in the diets of Litopenaeus vannamei enhanced their growth, phosphorus utilization, resistance to Vibrio harveyi and immunity. This may have implications as an eco-friendly prophylactic strategy.


Pangasius diet trials show promise of DDGS

A feeding trial incorporated corn distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) as an energy and protein source in starter and grower diets for pangasius. Results showed excellent fish growth performance, and no negative effects on mortality, fillet yield or fillet 


Why I chose to judge the F3 challenge

In an opinion piece for the Advocate, the director of ocean sustainability science at the New England Aquarium talks about the F3 Challenge and what the first X Prize for aquaculture could do for the industry: drive innovation.  


GOAL video: Gorjan Nikolik on fishmeal

Gorjan Nikolik, senior industry analyst for Rabobank, presented on fishmeal’s transformation from commodity to a “high-priced strategic protein” at the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s annual GOAL conference in Vancouver. See the full video of his presentation. 


Technology, diligence in ensuring abuse-free seafood supply chains

The Advocate is highlighting people who advance solutions in social responsibility. In part two of a three-part series, Katrina Nakamura of Sustainability Incubator discusses identifying hot spots for abuses and taking steps to eliminate high-risk products. 


Commercial implementation of in-pond raceway system

An in-pond raceway system in Alabama was utilized to supply various niche markets, including Asian grocery store chains that desired fresh live fish, recreational pond stocking businesses, private pond owners and fee fishing operations. In many cases, a higher price 

Innovation & Investment

Productor del Caribe tiene como objetivo hacer un nombre para sutchi

¿Pangasius cultivado en la República Dominicana? Historia verdadera. Value Aquaculture, con socios provenientes de Alemania y Chile, está tratando de lograr que compradores estadounidenses miren de nuevo a esta especie de bagre del Mekong. 

Health & Welfare

Judicious use of phosphorous key to farmed fish health

Dietary phosphorus is essential for growth and healthy skeletal development of farmed fish. Fish health, limited availability and environmental concerns all urge modern aquaculture to handle phosphorous resources wisely and sustainably. 


Intelligence, integrity in the fight against forced labor in seafood

In previewing the SeaWeb Seafood Summit, the Advocate examines human rights in the supply chain and the people who advance solutions in rooting out worker abuses. In part one of a three-part series, Environmental Justice Foundation co-founder Steve Trent talks 


Slow fish: Preventing waste via packaging

BluWrap shipping technology can cut the seafood industry's abysmal food-waste statistics by dramatically extending the shelf life of fresh product. Company CEO Mark Barnekow's mission is to get fresh fish off airplanes and onto ocean-bound cargo ships.