News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Off the Knife with Ned Bell, Vancouver Aquarium

We delve deeper into the foodservice industry’s engagement with sustainable seafood and aquaculture by talking to Ned Bell, the Vancouver Aquarium’s new executive chef. He continues to call on his Canadian culinary comrades to learn more about seafood, then help educate consumers.

Innovation & Investment

Getting proficient in RAS fundamentals

A number of large salmon farming companies are now investing significantly to increase land-based, water recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in northern Europe and North America, and there is likely a need for more trained farm personnel to run and manage 


India a unique opportunity for rainbow trout farming

India has a small trout farming industry in the Himalayan and Southern Peninsula areas. Even though current annual production is only a few hundred tons, the country has many areas that, although geographically difficult to work in, also offer excellent, 

Innovation & Investment

GOAL 2016 preview: Innovation and Leadership Award a nod to problem solvers

Winners of the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s annual Innovation & Leadership Award have shown the ability to overcome obstacles encountered in the responsible production of farmed seafood. New technology applications, biosecurity solutions and production systems have been honored. 


Shrimp feeds depend on proper ingredient grinding

The proper feed particle sizes of aquafeed ingredients are established by the nutritional requirements of the species targeted and by the feed manufacturing process used. For proper ingredient particle sizes, various characteristics are very important, including particle size distribution and 


Yellow tail characin a candidate for expanded production

The yellow tail characin (Astyanax bimaculatus) is a species with much potential for expanded aquaculture production in Brazil, with many characteristics suitable for culture. More research is needed to improve and optimize aquaculture production technologies for this interesting species. 


Cerrando la brecha de omega-3 con metano, microalgas

La innovación está llevando a nuevas opciones de ingredientes para fuentes renovables de ácidos grasos omega-3. Pero la replicación de ácidos grasos de cadena larga es una tarea difícil, como descubrió la colaboradora del Advocate Lisa Duchene. 


Paper authors urge caution with sustainable seafood claims

Michael Tlusty and Øistein Thorsen, authors of the recently published paper, “Claiming seafood is sustainable risks limiting improvements,” delve into the declarations made by companies and remind all that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. 


Off the Knife with Barton Seaver

In the second Off the Knife interview with chefs and foodservice professionals, Barton Seaver tells the Advocate that while restaurant employees shouldn’t have to recite sustainability science at tables, they can personalize their knowledge and effectively communicate the method behind 

Health & Welfare

对虾肠胞虫病 (EHP) 的新管理方法

本文介绍了新兴对虾微孢子虫病(EHP)的组织学特征,使用了对患病对虾肝胰腺组织,排泄物,养殖水缸中水样和一些卤虫生物量的PCR化验分析的方法来检测到EHP的存在。(Editor's note: This article was originally published on the Advocate in English on April 15, 2016.)