News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Ostras sociales: Comunidades inspirando acuacultura

Para que cualquier empresa tenga éxito, en última instancia debe ser consciente de la línea de fondo. Sin embargo, la rentabilidad no tiene por qué venir a expensas de la filantropía. Dos empresas de acuicultura, a menos de 100 millas de distancia de la costa este de los Estados Unidos, han demostrado que el éxito se puede medir más allá del dinero.

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Tom Pickerell

The technical director for the U.K. seafood industry authority, Seafish, talks to the Advocate about the challenges facing aquaculture expansion and why it will be seafood that fills the protein gap that many are expecting in the future. 


Aquaculture Exchange: Peter Bridson

Peter Bridson, who steered aquaculture research for Seafood Watch and its highly influential marketplace recommendations for six years, now runs his own consultancy, Seagreen Research. He discusses global food security, certification standards and gradually changing perceptions about farmed salmon. 


Dutch shellfish farmers bringing the sea onto land

Bivalve shellfish culture is a low-impact form of protein production, and in many cases is a net-positive for water quality. So why move it indoors? Smit & Smit in the Netherlands has a good argument for doing so. 

Health & Welfare

Decomposition and accumulation of organic matter in ponds

Aquaculture ponds accumulate organic matter from organic fertilizer, remains of microorganisms produced within the pond, feces of the culture animals and uneaten feed. Claude E. Boyd, Ph.D., details the leading organic matter management practices, and says that the accumulation of 


Biofloc technology production promising in temperate zones

A study was conducted to assess the feasibility to grow Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) in an outdoor biofloc system during winter in a temperate zone. High biomasses of market-size channel catfish were successfully maintained through the winter with high survival 


Infographic: Aquaculture by the Numbers

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization convened fishery officials from around the world in Morocco last week and referred to the industry as the world's fastest-growing food-producing sector. This infographic takes a closer look at the importance of aquaculture 

Health & Welfare

Shrimp biofloc production trials in Saudi Arabia

An R&D trial was conducted with shrimp biofloc technology at a commercial facility in Saudi Arabia. Results indicated that biofloc technology can be effectively applied, with some protocol adjustments, in the KSA’s extreme desert environmental conditions. 


The importance of carotenoids in aquafeeds

Carotenoids are important pigments that contribute characteristic quality criteria for the marketing of aquaculture products. Aquatic animals cannot biosynthesize carotenoids de novo, hence their inclusion in aquafeeds is important because they are associated with various metabolic functions.