News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Fairness, stability in ensuring human rights in seafood

In the last of our three-part series on advancing human rights solutions in seafood, Magdalena Lamprecht-Wallhoff shares how social investment is key to the culture and success at Regal Springs Tilapia, the world’s largest farmed tilapia producer. 


Aquaculture Exchange: Lukas Manomaitis, USSEC

The U.S. Soybean Export Council is a huge supporter of aquaculture growth globally, as so many aquafeed formulators rely on U.S. soy to create nutritious diets. The Southeast Asia senior technical advisor for USSEC’s aquaculture program talks about this symbiotic 


U.S. chefs lack seafood sustainability, aquaculture knowledge

A GAA-commissioned survey sought to determine the knowledge level of seafood sustainability and farmed seafood in the foodservice industry. The results suggest a need to engage professional chefs through the sources they trust: suppliers. 


Microencapsulated organic acids aid shrimp culture

A novel blend of organic acids (OAB) microencapsulated in a lipid matrix and supplemented in the diets of Litopenaeus vannamei enhanced their growth, phosphorus utilization, resistance to Vibrio harveyi and immunity. This may have implications as an eco-friendly prophylactic strategy. 


Pangasius diet trials show promise of DDGS

A feeding trial incorporated corn distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) as an energy and protein source in starter and grower diets for pangasius. Results showed excellent fish growth performance, and no negative effects on mortality, fillet yield or fillet 


Why I chose to judge the F3 challenge

In an opinion piece for the Advocate, the director of ocean sustainability science at the New England Aquarium talks about the F3 Challenge and what the first X Prize for aquaculture could do for the industry: drive innovation.  


GOAL video: Gorjan Nikolik on fishmeal

Gorjan Nikolik, senior industry analyst for Rabobank, presented on fishmeal’s transformation from commodity to a “high-priced strategic protein” at the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s annual GOAL conference in Vancouver. See the full video of his presentation. 


Technology, diligence in ensuring abuse-free seafood supply chains

The Advocate is highlighting people who advance solutions in social responsibility. In part two of a three-part series, Katrina Nakamura of Sustainability Incubator discusses identifying hot spots for abuses and taking steps to eliminate high-risk products.