News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Salinity balance key to culture success

Outside optimal salinity ranges, aquaculture species have higher feed-conversion ratios, grow at slower rates, become stressed and susceptible to disease, or even die.


Responsible chemical use in aquaculture

Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides may control pests and noxious vegetation, but environmental and health concerns call for responsible chemical use. 

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Screening probiotic bacteria for Atlantic cod larvae

The addition of probiotic bacteria to marine larvae can reduce pathogenic bacteria and subsequent infection by establishing a protective flora on the mucosal surfaces of the larvae. 

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Olive flounder culture in South Korea

The Republic of Korea is by far the top global producer of olive flounder raised mainly in flow-through systems at land-based facilities on the coast. 


Farmed white halibut

Farmed white halibut initially undergo an 18-month hatchery and nursery stage in land-based tanks. The fish have gained status as a high-quality seafood delicacy. 

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Gene-based markers could aid selective breeding

Stress hormone axes could be used as markers for selective breeding. Researchers see a negative correlation between weight gain and cortisol response to acute stress.