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Health & Welfare

Scombrotoxins, part 2

Since biogenic amines are a health issue in seafood, harves­ters and processors should understand what conditions encourage their formation, where they form in fish, and how they are affected by bacterial flora.


Shrimp farming in Indonesia

In Indonesia, shrimp farming practices vary somewhat from region to region depending on the local conditions and financial pressures. 

Health & Welfare

Scombrotoxins, part 1

Without proper control of sea­food handling and processing, high amino acid content and bacterial activity can rapidly elevate concentrations of biogenic amines like scombrotoxins. 

Health & Welfare

Prototype RAS raises larval penaeid shrimp

RAS technology can be applied to shrimp culture. The author developed a small-scale prototype RAS for shrimp larval culture that successfully reared monodon nauplii to PL15. 

Health & Welfare

Captive reproduction, larviculture of Florida pompano

U.S. trials indicated wild-caught pampano could be feed trained and spawned in captivity via hormonal induction. Observations of fecundity, egg fertilization rates, and spawning frequency suggested that quan­tities of pompano seedstock could be produced over time. Although survival during test