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Health & Welfare

Lipid nutrition of Litopenaeus vannamei

Phospholipids and cholesterol are essential lipids for shrimp yet knowledge of dietary requirements during the juvenile stage is still limited. 


Farming kuruma shrimp in Japan

Kuruma shrimp (Penaeus japonicus) are produced on a small scale. This species can tolerate transportation over long distances and without water. 


Water quality standards: pH

The pH of shrimp pond water is influenced by source water, pH and acidity of bottom soil, shrimp culture inputs and biological activity. 


Shrimp production simulation models

The evolution of computers has led to the development of mathematical simulation models to help solve complex problems. 


Feed management for RAS, part 1

RAS inputs and outputs are easily quantified, but even an efficient system will appear to have higher operating costs than a traditional pond.