Panama demo shows botanical extracts improve shrimp productivity

Alí Vaca Jorge Cuéllar-Anjel, DVM Roberto Chamorro Susset Dager Peter Coutteau, Ph.D.

Maintaining favorable gut microflora can help minimize disease impacts In the study, continuous dosing of natural antimicrobial activity through shrimp feed resulted in production benefits in survival and yield. The strong fluctuations of feed ingredient prices in combination with low market prices for shrimp are challenging the profitability of shrimp farming. This has accelerated a…

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  • Alí Vaca

    Alí Vaca

    Camaronera de Cocle S.A.
    Aguadulce, Panama

  • Jorge Cuéllar-Anjel, DVM

    Jorge Cuéllar-Anjel, DVM

    Camaronera de Cocle S.A.
    Aguadulce, Panama

  • Roberto Chamorro

    Roberto Chamorro

    Camaronera de Cocle S.A.
    Aguadulce, Panama

  • Susset Dager

    Susset Dager

    Alimentos Larro
    Industrias de Nata S.A.
    Grupo Calesa
    Aguadulce, Panama

  • Peter Coutteau, Ph.D.

    Peter Coutteau, Ph.D.

    Nutriad International N.V.
    Kloosterstraaat 1 Bus 7
    Kasterlee, Belgium