Retrofitting shrimp farms to recirculating systems

Ing. Fernando Huerta Darryl E. Jory, Ph.D.

Technology advantageous to large, open, semi-intensive operations Effective retrofitting of large, semi-intensive shrimp farms to recirculating operation has several advantages and provides improved and stable water quality. Note consistent water coloration in these production ponds. For several years, our team has collaborated in the development and fine-tuning of technology to retrofit and “close” semi-intensive shrimp…

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  • Ing. Fernando Huerta

    Ing. Fernando Huerta

    Aquaculture Consultant
    Guayaquil, Ecuador


  • Darryl E. Jory, Ph.D.

    Darryl E. Jory, Ph.D.

    Editor Emeritus
    Global Aquaculture Alliance