Seafood demand and aquaculture growth

José Fernández Polanco, Ph.D. Ignacio Llorente, Ph.D. Audun Lem, Ph.D.

Relationships vary in developed, emerging markets Recent research confirmed that seafood consumption in almost all developing or emerging countries is related to aquaculture supply. Aquaculture production has been significantly increasing its contribution to the worldwide seafood supply in the last two decades. Such an increase would be expected to have impacted seafood consumption and food…

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  • José Fernández Polanco, Ph.D.

    José Fernández Polanco, Ph.D.

    IDES, Universidad de Cantabria
    Avenida de los Castros s/n E-3900
    Santander, Cantabria, Spain


  • Ignacio Llorente, Ph.D.

    Ignacio Llorente, Ph.D.

    IDES, Universidad de Cantabria

  • Audun Lem, Ph.D.

    Audun Lem, Ph.D.

    Policy and Economics Division
    Fisheries and Aquaculture Department
    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations