Shrimp biofloc production trials in Saudi Arabia

Nyan Taw Ph.D. Radhakrishnan Palasseri M.Sc. Ziyad Ahmad AlRahmah Periyathambi Sampath M.Phil.

Getting results in a challenging desert environment Shrimp harvested at the end of the RSACO trial. The desert climatic conditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) present a challenging environment for the implementation of shrimp biofloc production technology. Shrimp farms in the region — just like those in Asian and South/Central American countries — have had their…

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  • Nyan Taw Ph.D.

    Nyan Taw Ph.D.

    Consultant – Shrimp Aquaculture Technology
    (Former GM, Blue Archipelago BHD, Malaysia and CTA of FAO Projects of the UN)


  • Radhakrishnan Palasseri M.Sc.

    Radhakrishnan Palasseri M.Sc.

    Site Operation Manager
    Red Sea Aquaculture Co. (RSACO), Jizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Ziyad Ahmad AlRahmah

    Ziyad Ahmad AlRahmah

    Certified Consultant, Industrial Management
    CEO, RSACO and Vice President (Saudi Aquaculture Society)


  • Periyathambi Sampath M.Phil.

    Periyathambi Sampath M.Phil.

    Shrimp Consultant, 
    Jeddah Fisheries Research Centre, 
    Ministry of Agriculture, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia