Opinion: Stop offshoring offshore aquaculture

Neil Anthony Sims
offshore aquaculture

Ocean Stewards’ Neil Sims lays out steps to build a thriving industry Kampachi Farms’ Velella Beta-test with only 2,000 kampachi. It took NOAA around two years to provide the permits for each iteration of this small-scale research project culturing a native fish that is already farmed commercially in these waters around Kona, Hawaii. The Ocean…

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  • Neil Anthony Sims

    Neil Anthony Sims

    Co-CEO of Kampachi Farms LLC and founding president of the Ocean Stewards Institute, Neil Anthony Sims is a marine biologist (B.Sc. James Cook University; M.Sc. University of New South Wales), with a professional commitment to "softening mankind's footprint on the seas." He has been based in Kona since 1990, first working in pearl oyster hatchery development and pearl farming throughout Hawaii, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. He and Dr. Dale Sarver founded Kona Blue Water Farms in 2001. He founded Kampachi Farms with Michael Bullock to continue focusing on the global need for expanded production of high-value, marine finfish, and pursuit of "next generation" technologies, including: remote offshore culture systems, more sustainable and scaleable feeds, and new species.