Testing shrimp growth in different biofloc systems

Andrew J. Ray, Ph.D. Jeffrey M. Lotz, Ph.D.

Comparing chemoautotrophic- and heterotrophic-based systems receiving different carbohydrate sources Pacific white shrimp reared in biofloc systems can consume biofloc particles, potentially reducing feed costs while recycling nutrients. Shrimp and other animals can be grown in biofloc aquaculture systems at high densities with little water exchange. Low water exchange reduces the need for salt water, increases…

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  • Andrew J. Ray, Ph.D.

    Andrew J. Ray, Ph.D.

    Aquaculture Research Center
    Kentucky State University
    103 Athletic Rd.
    Frankfort, KY 40601 USA


  • Jeffrey M. Lotz, Ph.D.

    Jeffrey M. Lotz, Ph.D.

    Department of Coastal Sciences
    Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
    The University of Southern Mississippi
    703 East Beach Drive
    Ocean Springs, MS 39564 USA