The Bottom Line: Integrating feed manufacturing into fish or shrimp production operations

Thomas R. Zeigler, Ph.D. Matthew P. Zeigler, M.S. Sidinei Valle

Feasibility study that includes business plan, economic analysis a must Integration of feed manufacturing with other aquaculture operations requires serious thought and analysis. Although the investment can be significant, and various risks exist, there are many benefits to be achieved. Businesses that produce animals as food for humans frequently practice integration. This can be in…

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  • Thomas R. Zeigler, Ph.D.

    Thomas R. Zeigler, Ph.D.

    Senior Technical Advisor
    Past President and Chairman
    Zeigler Bros., Inc.
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  • Matthew P. Zeigler, M.S.

    Matthew P. Zeigler, M.S.

    Vice President
    Operations/Process Engineer
    Zeigler Bros., Inc.

  • Sidinei Valle

    Sidinei Valle

    Manager, Global Franchising Business
    Development and Operations