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Aquafeed moonshots at the F3 ‘talent show’

At the F3 (fish-free feed) Companies Got Talent event in Burlingame, Calif., last week, alternative (non-marine) aquafeed ingredient companies spoke of decoupling aquaculture from fishmeal and fish oil in their quest for greater sustainability. 

Innovation & Investment

Aquafeed ingredient AlgaPrime wins GAA Innovation Award

A proliferation of alternative feed ingredients has allowed aquaculture to extend the natural resources it depends on. AlgaPrime, packed with the long-chain omega-3 fatty acid DHA, is being recognized as a game-changing innovation for aquaculture feeds. 


La extraña liebre de mar cuña es útil como una ‘limpiadora de algas’

Los moluscos gasterópodos marinos conocidos como liebres de mar son animales relativamente desconocidos que tienen una importancia significativa en la investigación biomédica, debido a su particular sistema nervioso. Y debido a su capacidad de consumir grandes cantidades de algas, pueden 


The odd wedge sea hare is useful as an ‘algae cleaner’

Marine gastropod molluscs known as sea hares are relatively unknown animals that have significant importance in biomedical research due to their particular nervous system. And because of their ability to consume large amounts of algae, they can be very useful