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Innovation & Investment

Eye in the sky: Europe employs satellites to advance aquaculture

Copernicus – the European Space Agency’s €4.3 billion Earth Observation System – holds potential benefits for fisheries and aquaculture. The SAFI project is approaching the aquaculture sector about harnessing, and montetizing, this unique service from up above. 


Chilean salmon farmers see brighter days ahead

Chile’s farmed salmon industry has had a rough decade. A lot is riding on its ability to work through the turbulence, including 70,000 jobs and $3.5 billion in annual sales. Is reducing production the answer? 

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Healthy planet: Recap of Day 3 at GOAL

On the third and final day of the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s annual GOAL conference, held in Guangzhou, China, the theme of “healthy planet” permeated every presentation. Innovation, investment, efficiency, transparency and improvement are the clarion calls for aquaculture.