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Andrew J. Ray


Feed formulations affect shrimp flavor, texture

Fish-free diets are suitable for shrimp production and can generate high-quality product. Consumer preferences for the flavor of shrimp and texture attributes need exploration. 

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Health & Welfare

Comparing biofloc, clear-water and hybrid RAS systems as shrimp nurseries

This study compared three types of RAS nurseries for shrimp: biofloc (BF), clear-water (CW), and hybrid RAS (HY). Results showed that differences between treatments in terms of shrimp survival, mean harvest weight, specific growth rate, and feed conversion ratio were 


Estudiando el crecimiento de camarón en diferentes sistemas de biofloc

Un estudio llevado a cabo con camarones juveniles (Litopenaeus vannamei) criados en sistemas experimentales de biofloc utilizó cuatro tratamientos. Los resultados indican que las diferencias en la gestión y la fuente de carbohidratos pueden llevar a disparidades sustanciales en el 


Testing shrimp growth in different biofloc systems

A study conducted with juvenile shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) reared in experimental biofloc systems used four treatments. Results indicate that differences in management and carbohydrate source can lead to substantial disparity in system function and production. 


Indoor-raised shrimp find potential market in Kentucky test

By raising shrimp in a closed building, producers can increase biosecurity, produce shrimp more consistently, grow shrimp year-round and locate production centers near markets. Chefs and consumers were very accepting of whole fresh shrimp, offered at a farmers market, that