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Health & Welfare

Aquaculture disease experts to download at GOAL 2016

At this year’s GOAL conference in Guangzhou, China, leading animal welfare and aquatic animal disease experts will share knowledge about how producers can gird their operations. EMS, EHP, streptococcosis and sea lice will be addressed, as will the latest in 

Health & Welfare

Economic impacts of aquatic parasites on global finfish production

Obligate and opportunistic parasites play a critical role in determining the productivity, sustainability and economic viability of global finfish aquaculture enterprises. Without stringent and appropriate control measures, the impacts of these pathogens can often be significant. 

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Health & Welfare

Manage pH cycles to maintain animal health

The ideal pH for most aquaculture species is between 6.0 and 8.5. Lower pH values may result in decreased growth and survival, and greater susceptibility to disease. pH typically is lowest in the early morning, increases during the afternoon and 


Varied feed additives improve gut, animal health

There is increasing evidence that natural feed additives can have beneficial effects on aquaculture animals by supporting well-balanced gut microflora and improving gut health.