News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

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Health & Welfare

Study ties animal welfare practices to consumer purchasing

There’s an opportunity to expand the U.S. market for farmed seafood if the aquaculture industry were to more widely adopt humane production practices, according to a study by Changing Tastes and Datassential. 

Health & Welfare

Time to play: Farmed fish respond to environment enrichment

Animal welfare on fish farms encompasses health, diet, water quality, husbandry, handling and slaughter. Add environment enrichment to the list, like a Scottish salmon company, which keeps its fish healthy by keeping them busy. 

Health & Welfare

Aquaculture disease experts to download at GOAL 2016

At this year’s GOAL conference in Guangzhou, China, leading animal welfare and aquatic animal disease experts will share knowledge about how producers can gird their operations. EMS, EHP, streptococcosis and sea lice will be addressed, as will the latest in 

Health & Welfare

Seajoy’s ablation-free shrimp answers emerging welfare concern

Removing the eyestalk of broodstock female shrimp aided in the explosive growth of commercial-scale aquaculture. An undertaking by a Central American shrimp farmer has shown that producing shrimp without ablation can ease animal welfare worries without the feared drop in 

Health & Welfare

Linking water treatment practices and fish welfare

Quantification of fish behavior is complex and depends on the experimental setup and biomarkers applied. A simple method was tested to quantify locomotor behavior to evaluate the effects of simulated water treatment scenarios using peracetic acid. 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture appraisal: The GOAL audience polls

The aquaculture industry is doing a poor job of educating consumers about farmed fish, according to polling results from the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s annual GOAL conference in Vancouver, Canada. View the results from all 18 audience questions, with photos from