News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Innovation & Investment

Salmon farmers limiting time at sea for biological risk mitigation

Land-based aquaculture, perhaps the ultimate environmental risk-mitigation tool, was the talk of the town at the IntraFish Seafood Investor Forum. Once scoffed at for high capital and energy requirements, RAS now has a crowded bandwagon. 


Mixing Cost Center is at the heart of feed manufacturing

Ingredients that are properly proportioned and mixed for an adequate mixing time are very important to assure the manufacturing of aquafeeds that meet the standards for the shrimp species and life stage for which the formula was designed. 

Innovation & Investment

Results of the GOAL 2016 audience poll questions

Each year the attendees of the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s GOAL conference – held in September in Guangzhou, China – have the opportunity to answer poll questions posed by speakers and moderators of panel discussions. 


U.S. universities collaborate on antibiotic alternative project

Two U.S. universities are teaming up to study the application of a novel antibody to tilapia to reduce the aquaculture industry’s use of antibiotics. The chairman of the Seafood Industry Research Fund says there could be a disruptive financial impact 


Natural feed additives enhance rainbow trout performance

Various additives, many of plant origin, have been explored to replace the use of antibiotics in aquafeed. The authors compared the performance of rainbow trout fed diets containing oxytetracycline or mineral additives yellow loess and Song-Gang stone powder. 

Health & Welfare

BC salmon farmers vow sea lice transparency

At the recent GOAL conference, the British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association committed to reveal sea lice counts at farms operating in the province while promising a future without antibiotics, despite struggles with the persistent yellow mouth disease. 


Kudzu component: Stress reliever for fish?

A study was performed to determine the effects of puerarin, a biologically active ingredient in the roots of kudzu, on stress modulation in farmed salmon. 

Health & Welfare

Toxicity vs. detection

The 2001 detection of chloramphenicol in shrimp imported into the Netherlands heightened awareness of and anxiety over the presence of chemicals in food.