News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Health & Welfare

New aquaculture drugs under FDA review

Only eight active pharmaceutical ingredients available in 18 drug products have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in aquaculture. The approval process can be lengthy and expensive. 

Health & Welfare

Prebiotics, probiotics provide alternatives to antibiotics

As the demand for aquaculture products increases, so does the search for environmentally friendly alternatives to antibiotics. Alternatives to antibiotics include dietary prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics. 


Better to eat – farmed or wild salmon?

There is a widely promoted misconception that eating wild-caught fish is better for the oceans than eating farmed seafood. On a global basis, however, sustainably farmed fish may represent 60 times more efficient use of anchovies and other baitfish resources 


Phage therapy provides targeted bacteria treatment

The use of phages is an alternative to antibiotics in the control of pathogenic bacteria. Phage therapy offers low-cost, low-toxicity treatment and quick bactericidal effects. 

Health & Welfare

Food safety issues in aquaculture

Farmed fish species often pose fewer food safety risk than wild-caught fish, but antibiotic residues used to treat disease outbreaks is a unique hazard.