News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Aquaculture Exchange


Aquaculture Exchange: Dr. Tom Zeigler

The World Aquaculture Society’s latest Lifetime Achievement Award recipient reflects on 50 years in the business of producing high-quality, nutritious feeds for the poultry, livestock and aquaculture industries. 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Monica Jain, Fish 2.0

The third installment of Fish 2.0, taking place this November, will feature numerous aquaculture-related businesses at various stages of development. The competition’s founder dishes on what the judges will be seeing on stage. 

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Aquaculture Exchange: Corey Peet

Shrimp farming expert Corey Peet discusses the work of convening multiple stakeholders in Southeast Asia, the role of certification and the dynamics of sustainability challenges confronting marketplace demands. 


Aquaculture Exchange: Giovanni Turchini, Deakin University, part 2

In the second part of our interview with the associate head of research at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at Deakin University (Australia) he discusses the various alternative sources of omega-3 fatty acids coming on to the market 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Flavio Corsin, IDH

IDH Vietnam Manager Flavio Corsin speaks passionately about the importance of controlling disease and getting all stakeholders to put competition aside and pull on the same end of the rope. Improvement initiatives for pangasius, shrimp and tilapia are among the 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Dawn Purchase, part 2

The Marine Conservation Society’s aquaculture program manager discusses what consumers ultimately need to know about aquaculture, responsible production and eco-labels. She also looks at NGOs making a difference in the global seafood industry and where she finds innovation in action. 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Melanie Siggs, part 1

Always seeking to understand the role of business and politics in stewarding the environment, Melanie Siggs has high aspirations for the global seafood industry and its future in helping to feed the world. The independent advisor talks to the Advocate 


Aquaculture Exchange: Michael Rubino, NOAA

Social license – a community’s acceptance and support of an industry’s presence – is a key factor in aquaculture’s growth prospects. It’s a major obstacle U.S. waters, in particular. Michael Rubino of NOAA Fisheries discusses the challenges.