News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Project seeks to synergize Canada’s Arctic charr industry

A project to develop Arctic charr culture and commercialization in Canada involves governmental and non-governmental agencies, universities and research institutes, and Canadian producers from eight provinces and territories of Canada. 


¿Puede la maricultura sostenible igualar la producción de la agricultura?

La producción mundial de la maricultura sostenible, desarrollada en una escala masiva y sostenible y utilizando sólo una pequeña fracción de las zonas oceánicas del mundo, podría eventualmente igualar la producción agrícola con base en tierra. La escala y consideraciones 

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Innovation & Investment

Thinking outside the cage: Avant-garde aquaculture in Norway

Salmon farming in Norway is poised for an innovation boom. The biggest players are putting cutting technology in the water to solve some of the industry’s most persistent problems, such as sea lice, fish escape and waste management. 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Flavio Corsin, IDH

IDH Vietnam Manager Flavio Corsin speaks passionately about the importance of controlling disease and getting all stakeholders to put competition aside and pull on the same end of the rope. Improvement initiatives for pangasius, shrimp and tilapia are among the 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Melanie Siggs, part 2

In the conclusion of a two-part interview, independent advisor Melanie Siggs talks to the Advocate about consumer perceptions of aquaculture, and many roles that NGOs fill and her hopes for the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative and its work with certification 


Fisheries and aquaculture: Sister activities with a common goal

Aquaculture and fisheries – although significantly different as one is farming and the other one is hunting – are very closely related activities that share many components of their value chains, including their markets and customers. 


Infographic: Aquaculture by the Numbers

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization convened fishery officials from around the world in Morocco last week and referred to the industry as the world's fastest-growing food-producing sector. This infographic takes a closer look at the importance of aquaculture 


Images: Small-scale aquaculture emerging in Africa

A study by University of Southampton Ph.D. candidate Alison Sky Simmance aims to investigate the role of small scale aquaculture in Malawi, a country where the demand for farmed fish is becoming more urgent in light of declining capture fisheries 


Surmounting the consumer disconnect on farmed seafood

In his first piece for the Advocate, industry veteran Phil Walsh, VP of Growth for Alfa Gamma Seafood Group in Miami, wonders why consumers are so comfortable with farm-raised land animals, but not farm-raised fish.