News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Bill McGraw


Can aquaculture help with mineral, vitamin deficiencies?

According to the World Health Organization, 2 billion people are affected by mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Aquaculture producers should review the mineral content of culture waters and in fish diets and whether they can manipulate these two key variables. 

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La extraña liebre de mar cuña es útil como una ‘limpiadora de algas’

Los moluscos gasterópodos marinos conocidos como liebres de mar son animales relativamente desconocidos que tienen una importancia significativa en la investigación biomédica, debido a su particular sistema nervioso. Y debido a su capacidad de consumir grandes cantidades de algas, pueden 


The odd wedge sea hare is useful as an ‘algae cleaner’

Marine gastropod molluscs known as sea hares are relatively unknown animals that have significant importance in biomedical research due to their particular nervous system. And because of their ability to consume large amounts of algae, they can be very useful 


Sistemas de biofloc viables para producción de tilapia

Los sistemas de tecnología de biofloc bien diseñados y gestionados son una alternativa viable para la producción de diversas especies como la tilapia, para aumentar la eficiencia de los alimentos mediante la reducción de las necesidades de proteínas de alimentos 


Biofloc systems viable for tilapia production

Well-designed and managed biofloc technology systems are a viable alternative for production of various species like tilapia, to increase feed efficiency by lowering aquafeed protein requirements and to help reduce or eliminate effluent discharges.