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TAN, other water quality factors affect nitrification rates in biofilters

An important criterion when studying biofilters is the conversion rate of total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) to nitrate-nitrogen in production water. Although nitrification rates have been based on media surface areas, they do not always reflect the actual nitrification achieved. Volumetric 


Integrated fish-seaweed culture systems

The use of integrated mariculture systems incorporating seaweed biofilters addresses the impact of discharges, promoting more sustainable production. 


Biofilters: Choosing your substrate

Heterotrophic and autotrophic bacterial communities supported within a biofilter naturally process organic wastes and provide biologically stable water.  


Nitrification rates in fluidized-bed filters

Study evaluates nitrification rates of three fluidized-bed filters, finding no significant changes in fluidization level as biofilm accumulated or was sheared off.