News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Innovation & Investment

Net gains in aquaculture net technology

The aquaculture industry is paying greater attention to net technology, in terms of materials and maintenance, because of its impact on the bottom line. 

Innovation & Investment

Productores de vieiras de Maine adaptan técnica japonesa

Gracias en parte a una relación única de "estado hermano" que Maine comparte con la Prefectura de Aomori, una técnica de cultivo de vieira y sus equipos relacionados desarrollados en Japón se van vía a los Estados Unidos. El uso 

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Innovation & Investment

Maine scallop farmers get the hang of Japanese technique

Thanks in part to a unique “sister state” relationship that Maine shares with Aomori Prefecture, a scallop farming technique and related equipment developed in Japan are headed to the United States. Using the equipment could save growers time and money 


Tasmanian salmon farms examine net biofouling to reduce impacts

Greater knowledge of fouling organisms and their settlement can help lead to greater effectiveness for cage net-cleaning machines. If cleaning is done regularly at certain times of the year, biofouling may be easier to remove or kept from settling on 

Innovation & Investment

Marine aquaculture with copper alloy nets

The use of copper alloy nets in marine aquaculture shows promise in improving biofouling resistance and net chamber volume integrity, reducing maintenance costs, and preventing fish escapement and loss due to predation.