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black tiger shrimp

Health & Welfare

Reduced growth performance of black tiger shrimp infected with IHHNV

This study simulated the commercial grow-out of two cohorts of P. monodon that differed in their broodstock IHHNV infection loads, and showed that the viral prevalence, survival and growth performance of pond progeny were significantly affected. 


Growth away from the coast: Examining inland shrimp farming

Inland shrimp culture has numerous advantages – improved biosecurity, lower cost of land and reduced conflicts with other users of common resources like land and water – and will continue to expand into new areas. 

Health & Welfare

Training and harmonization of PCR diagnosis of WSSV in India

Accurate PCR testing of shrimp seedstock assures shrimp farmers that their seedstock is clean of major diseases. Ring tests verify that labs conducting PCR testing are obtaining correct, reliable and reproducible results when testing for specific shrimp diseases. 

Innovation & Investment

Liberando el potencial genético del camarón tigre negro

El camarón tigre negro es la segunda especie de camarón cultivado a nivel mundial. Debido a su importancia en Australia, el nuevo Centro ARC para Reproducción Avanzada de Camarones desarrollará un programa de cría escalable y avanzado para la especie, 

Innovation & Investment

Unleashing the genetic potential of black tiger shrimp

The black tiger shrimp is the second most important, farmed shrimp species globally. Because of its importance in Australia, the new ARC Hub for Advanced Prawn Breeding will develop a scalable, advanced breeding program for the species as well as 

Innovation & Investment

Shrimp farming in China: Lessons from its developmental history

Fenneropenaeus chinensis was the most important farmed shrimp species in China until 1995. Lessons learned from its development made China a pioneer, especially in shrimp larval production. Shrimp farmers must enhance their understanding of the interactions of farming activities with 

Health & Welfare

Spermatophore regeneration in black tiger shrimp

Male reproductive dysfunction has been increasingly reported in commercial shrimp maturation facilities. The authors recently carried out studies to characterize the reproductive capability of male black tiger shrimp.