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black tigers


Bangladesh seeks more buck for its ‘bagda’

As more than 80 percent of Bangladeshi shrimp exports already go to EU markets, a consultation meeting involving buyers from the bloc and Bangladesh industry stakeholders and authorities was held at the end of last month in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 


From forest to plate, a shrimp redefining ‘farmed’

The explosive growth of shrimp farming has long been associated with mangrove deforestation in Southeast Asia. A silvofishery method of producing the popular seafood is protecting the fragile ecosystems in Vietnam. A hungry marketplace is reaping the rewards. 

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Health & Welfare

Black tiger shrimp domestication advances

The production of early generations of domesticated broodstock in open-environment ponds may have hampered the domestication of black tiger shrimp. 

Health & Welfare

DNA fingerprinting: System for black tiger shrimp

Molecular markers can allow on-farm selection of high-performance families without the need to use costly alternatives such as separate rearing of families/ groups of families or tagging animals.