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brackish water


Considerations for tilapia farming in saltwater environments

Tilapias are farmed in a variety of production systems, but mostly in freshwater and low-salinity waters. But tilapias are an excellent candidate for aquaculture in brackish- and seawater because they can tolerate a wide range of water salinity. 


The inevitable pH fluctuations of aquaculture pond water

It is one of the most commonly measured water quality variables in aquaculture, and probably the most misunderstood water quality variable in aquaculture. The pH levels in water have a propensity to change rapidly, but this is a natural phenomenon 

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Inorganic fertilization of production ponds

Nitrogen and phosphorus are the most important nutrients in fertilization of both freshwater and coastal ponds. Many factors that can affect the response of ponds to fertilizers are location-specific. Aquaculture pond managers will have to figure out the best procedure