News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Changing the production chain of Amazonian pirarucu

Studies in Brazil over the last five years addressed the challenges facing commercial producers of the important, air-breathing, freshwater fish pirarucu in order to support and expand production. 

Innovation & Investment

Brazilian shrimp farmers eye new horizons

After concentrating mainly on the domestic market, the Brazilian Shrimp Farmers Association says producers are returning to international trade and competition, seeking intensified production and expansion. 


Yellow tail characin a candidate for expanded production

The yellow tail characin (Astyanax bimaculatus) is a species with much potential for expanded aquaculture production in Brazil, with many characteristics suitable for culture. More research is needed to improve and optimize aquaculture production technologies for this interesting species. 

Health & Welfare

Aiding gut health with a natural growth promotor

A study with Nile tilapia conducted in commercial production cages in Brazil showed the potential – in the absence of major disease threats – of a commercial, natural growth promotor that modulates the microbiota (inhibiting growth of pathogenic bacteria and