News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


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Innovation & Investment

Sturgeon aquaculture in British Columbia: Are we there yet?

Aquaculture of high-value white sturgeon is in its early phases in British Columbia, Canada. 
Given the long time required to produce caviar, licensed producers are looking at developing markets for value-added products and byproducts based on sturgeon meat. 

Health & Welfare

Common-sense biosecurity measures head off crop failures

Biosecurity can be defined as the operating procedures that shrimp hatchery and farm personnel use to minimize the impacts of disease on their animals. Proper biosecurity measures slow the movement of pathogens and protect unaffected areas. 

Health & Welfare

Genetic improvement programs for shrimp vary between Asia, Americas

There is a clear difference between the shrimp postlarvae traits that are economically important in Central and South America versus those of Asia, creating a challenge for breeders to satisfy the somewhat opposing breeding goals the regions demand. 

Health & Welfare

Limitations facing giant clam aquaculture

Giant clams are a resource utilized by the food and aquarium trade markets. However, aquaculture production is low and does not supply the demand. Ready availability of broodstock and seed is a major problem, as well as practical and consistent 

Health & Welfare

Examining domestication of green tiger shrimp in Egypt

The domestication of green tiger shrimp (Penaeus semisulcatus) as a source for seedstock could help expand aquaculture in Egypt. Trials by the authors compared the reproductive performance of wild male/wild female pairings with that of pond-reared male/pond-reared female and wild 

Health & Welfare

Hawaiian company breeds SPF black tiger shrimp for improved growth

Since 2001, Moana Technologies has worked toward providing domesticated, genetically improved and specific pathogen-free (SPF) black tiger shrimp to farmers in Asia. Based in Hawaii, USA, Moana built a breeding base on wild-caught broodstock from seven locations in Asia.