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Carlos R. Pantoja

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Health & Welfare

New WSSV, TSV genotypes identified in Saudi Arabia

To determine origins of White Spot Syndrome Virus and Taura Syndrome Virus in Saudi Arabia, authors performed genotyping studies and found a new genotype in each of the isolates collected. 

Health & Welfare

Genetic diversity of HPV parvovirus

Hepatopancreatic parvovirus is linked to growth retardation in shrimp. In a study, the genomic sequences of HPV from Mad­agascar and Tanzania were com­pared to those from Australia, Thailand and Korea. 

Health & Welfare

Feed-related melamine risk minimal to shrimp, humans

Although histological studies of shrimp that consumed feed with the suspect ingredients found crys­tals of salts of melamine in antennal glands, the crystals did not affect the shrimp.