News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Innovation & Investment

Assessing coloration in channel catfish fillets

Because consumers look at color to gauge quality of catfish fillets, the authors developed a digital photography measurement method to assess yellowness. 


The pink powder that could revolutionize aquaculture

KnipBio, a Massachusetts-based biotechnology startup founded in 2013, is refining the manufacturing process for a promising aquaculture feed ingredient that may one day form the foundation of the food that farmed fish eat. 

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The importance of carotenoids in aquafeeds

Carotenoids are important pigments that contribute characteristic quality criteria for the marketing of aquaculture products. Aquatic animals cannot biosynthesize carotenoids de novo, hence their inclusion in aquafeeds is important because they are associated with various metabolic functions. 

Health & Welfare

Carotenoid supplements and WSSV

The effectiveness of carotenoid supplements will depend upon the severity of infection and other stress factors that affect the condition of the shrimp.