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As sturgeon farming grows, demand concerns emerge

Caviar, or lightly salted sturgeon roe, has been enjoyed for centuries as an expensive gourmet delicacy. After a drastic decline in wild sturgeon stocks, aquaculture stepped in to fill the void. But can farmed supply find lasting balance with market 

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Innovation & Investment

Sturgeon aquaculture in British Columbia: Are we there yet?

Aquaculture of high-value white sturgeon is in its early phases in British Columbia, Canada. 
Given the long time required to produce caviar, licensed producers are looking at developing markets for value-added products and byproducts based on sturgeon meat. 

Health & Welfare

Ultrasound helps stage sturgeons for caviar production

Biopsies and polarization index measurements of mature sturgeons are highly variable and not always accurate in indicating egg maturity. Ultrasonic imaging offers a simple, less time-consuming and reliable alternative for evaluating sturgeons’ sex and oocyte maturity.