News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Cesar C. Alceste


There’s more than one way to grow tilapia  

Tilapia aquaculture has expanded significantly in the last 30 years. Production systems range from extensive, low-density and low-technology in small earthen ponds, to semi-intensive systems in larger ponds, to recirculating systems with high densities.   


Agregando valor a la tilapia para entrar al mercado de EE.UU.

Se pueden crear nuevos mercados para la tilapia y también la expansión de los ya existentes mediante la planificación e implementación de estrategias geográficas adecuadamente diseñadas para satisfacer las preferencias de los consumidores discriminantes. Los costos laborales bajos en la 

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Adding value to tilapia to tap into U.S. market

New markets for tilapia and expansion of existing ones can be created by planning and implementing properly designed geographic strategies to meet discriminating consumer preferences. Low labor costs in most producing countries promotes value-adding by the production of fresh fillets. 


Addressing safety in Latin America’s tilapia supply chain

Over the last decade, the experience gained by many tilapia farmers combined with proficient programs implemented by local governments have significantly improved tilapia production in various Latin American countries like Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and other important tilapia producers in the 


Tilapia farming in Ecuador

Tilapia farming in Ecuador has developed rapidly as a consequence of major shrimp epidemics experienced in the last decade.