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Health & Welfare

Larviculture protocols for cobia

While Asia’s more extensive approaches for cobia larviculture are effective, more intensive methods are used in the Americas. Most facilities still rely heavily upon wild-capture broodstock. 

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Cobia culture: Global production, markets, challenges

Cobia culture is dominated by the Asia Pacific region. Most culture is done in nearshore net pens, with trends also moving toward offshore pens and even intensive indoor systems. Vietnam is the largest market, while other markets relate to production 


Marine fish culture in Brazil

Marine fish farming in Brazil appears promising. A new cobia research network will support industry growth through standardization, development of technology and training. 

Innovation & Investment

ACFK: Cobia fingerling update

After years of mutton snapper research Aquaculture Center of the Florida Keys supplied commercial operations in Puerto Rico 15,000 cobia fingerlings. 


Offshore cobia project

The objective is to demonstrate that cobia can be successfully raised in the Bahamas using advanced offshore technology with low impact and high yield. 


U.S. lab provides basis for further cobia study

Recent research with cobia has generated considerable interest from both science and industry, primarily because of the rapid growth rate and flesh quality of the fish.