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Con los productos de mar, la salud está definitivamente en el menú

Las encuestas muestran que los alimentos frescos y saludables, con ingredientes percibidos como naturales, son clave para las generaciones más jóvenes. Esto representa una oportunidad de aumentar el consumo de productos de mar entre los consumidores más jóvenes y mejor 


With seafood, health is definitely on the menu

Surveys show that fresh and healthful food, with ingredients perceived to be natural, is key for younger generations. This represents opportunity to grow seafood consumption among younger, better-informed consumers, but also a challenge to enhance sustainability. 

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Survey: Food safety becoming Chinese consumers’ top priority

In a survey of more than 1,500 Chinese consumers, the authors studied their fresh food purchasing behavior and found food safety to be the top priority. These consumers are willing to pay more for safe, fresh food, and they’re paying 


Surmounting the consumer disconnect on farmed seafood

In his first piece for the Advocate, industry veteran Phil Walsh, VP of Growth for Alfa Gamma Seafood Group in Miami, wonders why consumers are so comfortable with farm-raised land animals, but not farm-raised fish. 


Survey: Consumers in Catalonia accept farmed sea bream, vary on form

In a survey of 160 consumers of gilthead sea bream in Catalonia, Spain, farmed bream were generally well accepted by consumers, who preferred fresh to frozen product. Price was a significant attribute. Duty consumers, the largest group, ate fish mainly 


U.S. consumers not achieving seafood guidelines

Research found that 80 to 90 percent of U.S. consumers did not meet federal dietary seafood recommendations and that seafood consumption varies significantly among socio-demographic groups. 


The value of aquaculture certification

Many consumers look for an eco-label or rely on a trusted retailer or restaurant to identify sustainable seafood. Certification programs convey this assurance by providing consistent information about the origins, food safety and environmental credentials of seafood. 


Salmon’s position among European consumers

In a survey, 500 consumers from the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany and Sweden rated salmon second overall to chicken and ahead of pork and beef. Salmon scored high in all countries for healthiness.