News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Aquaculture leads fish production, consumption to new highs

The most recent biennial report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations stresses the growing importance that aquaculture has as new records for global seafood production and consumption were reached in 2016. 


Public opinions pose barriers for tuna consumption

Safety and sustainability are key concepts affecting consumers’ decisions on tuna consumption. Although the benefits of consumption exceed the potential negative effects, tuna’s harmful attributes tend to negatively impact purchasing in at-risk groups. 

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Health & Welfare

Mexico shows the way to promote seafood

With major support from the government, a campaign has been launched to promote consumption of Mexico’s fishery and aquaculture products. The objective is to increase per capita seafood consumption to 12 kg by 2018. 


New year wishes for health and seafood

To help increase seafood consumption and gain recognition for the many health benefits of seafood, the author identified three wishes for 2014. Change the risk profile of seafood to defuse the sensationalized status of mercury. Professionalize the capability of the 


Governments and seafood consumption, part 2

Campaigns and promotions on seafood consumption are proving successful in countries around the world. Many of them involve governments working with industry and other institutions to clearly communicate the benefits of seafood. 


Governments and seafood consumption, part 1

International groups agree that nations worldwide should better assess and manage the risks and benefits of fish consumption and more effectively communicate them to their citizens. 


Why don’t we eat more seafood?

A variety of factors combine to limit seafood consumption. Seafood is perceived to be expensive, and safety perceptions influence consumer buying decisions. Culture and tradition also play roles in forging seafood-eating habits.