News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Health & Welfare

Aquamimicry: A revolutionary concept for shrimp farming

Aquamimicry simulates natural, estuarine production conditions by creating zooplankton blooms as supplemental nutrition to the cultured shrimp, and beneficial bacteria to maintain water quality. Better-quality shrimp can be produced at lower cost and in a more sustainable manner.  


Assessing culture potential of red emperor snapper in New Caledonia

The red emperor snapper, known as “pouatte” in New Caledonia, is valuable throughout its broad geographic range and a highly valued food fish locally. Declining wild catches and market demand have provided the incentive to carry out technical feasibility studies 

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Health & Welfare

Large-scale production system for copepods

The culture of many marine fish species requires the concurrent culture of live feed such as algae and microcrustaceans. The addition of copepods to first feeding often improves survival for small-mouthed species.