News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

D. Allen Davis


Understanding the oxygen demand of aquafeeds

Manufactured aquafeeds, if improperly managed, can result in undesirable oxygen demand that can reduce dissolved oxygen levels and pollution through effluents, and stress cultured animals. 

Health & Welfare

High-soy, fishmeal-free diets support Florida pompano growth

The authors have achieved good growth using a fishmeal-free diet for the carnivorous marine fish Florida pompano. In studies, they used pompano as a model marine species in a cost/benefit analysis of two extruded diets. 

Health & Welfare

Taurine: Critical supplement for marine fish feed

Taurine may not only improve growth and performance, but also is required to reduce nutritional diseases such as green liver disease and low hematocrit levels in some fish. 

Health & Welfare

Plant, poultry byproduct proteins tested in shrimp diets

A study examined the replacement of poultry byproduct meal with plant proteins and low levels of squid meal in shrimp feeds. Production results for shrimp raised in ponds showed no significant difference in final weight, yield, FCR and survival among