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Daniel Benetti


Canned mahimahi and more bits from Boston

Global Aquaculture Advocate Editor James Wright is covering Seafood Expo North America in Boston, Mass., USA. Check back periodically for updates. 

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Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Daniel Benetti

University of Miami professor says the U.S. seafood marketplace needs to embrace 'plate-sized' fish if a domestic aquaculture industry is to become sustainable and profitable.  


Bahamas venture focuses on grouper, other high-value marine fish

A new venture under development in the Bahamas will capitalize on Tropic Seafood’s established logistics and infrastructure to diversify its operations from processing and selling wild fisheries products to include the culture of grouper and other marine fish. 

Innovation & Investment

Boutique fish farms in Brazil

In combination with the availability of coastal areas with favorable environmental and labor conditions, Brazil’s affluent market for seafood could support expansion of a niche aquaculture sector: boutique farming. 

Innovation & Investment

Mahimahi aquaculture revisited

Mahimahi is a fast-growing, high-value fish species with excellent potential for aquaculture. The technology for maturation, spawning, larval rearing, fingerling production has been mastered, yet progress toward commercial development has been slow. 

Health & Welfare

Cobia hatchery-to-market technology at UMEH

Cobia is a top emerging candidate for tropical and subtropical marine fish aquaculture. The University of Miami Experimental Hatchery has led ongoing research to advance the viability of raising hatchery-reared cobia.